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Ebola, Shark Attacks, Roller Coaster Tragedies: No Big Whoop
19 Aug 2014 at 12:33am
Shark Week: Attack victim dives back in, because 'knowledge dispels fear'
16 Aug 2014 at 10:52am
Shark attack hero's bravery award
17 Aug 2014 at 8:09am
Shark Attack ? In a Lake?!
15 Aug 2014 at 6:28am
Crunch! Great White Shark Chomps Down on 'SharkCam' Robot (Video)
11 Aug 2014 at 10:26am
Shark Attack in a Lake? Very Rare, But It Happens
15 Aug 2014 at 1:11pm
?Shark After Dark? feeds off Discovery programming
7 Aug 2014 at 7:52pm
Commentary: The worst meat to eat
18 Aug 2014 at 1:51am
Sharkageddon may be the worst Shark Week show *ever*
16 Aug 2014 at 7:25am
Camera Lets Viewers See Shark Attack Up Close
6 Aug 2014 at 6:31am
Shark Attack at Yahoo News
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